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~let they talk more than us~
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 | 0 black mail

say what u wanna to say..
make it clear..
make it full of emotion..
make yourself satisfy..

n we??
just hearing...
i'm repeat..
not listening...
because,we know what we do..
what we decide..
n we know what actually happen around us..

baru lepas sembang dgn along..
rindu along sangat...
terubat rasa rindu bila dgr suara dia...
n we talk about the same topic again..same topic dat i'd discussed with my mama...
but there is still no conclusion..
along sendiri restu aku kawen after i finished my study...
hehehe..thats great sis!!
aperpon,my family is my family..
even though im married,im still have my responsibility to my parents..
im not 'tenggang moden' ofcourse..
n all of u...
i respect u with all my heart...
but pliz,don erase it by ur own fault...
or else..
i will be not me as u recognize before..
thats it!