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wishes come true..
Monday, December 6, 2010 | 0 black mail

my life maybe different then yours..(of course la kan)
my life 80% influencing by my family..
21 years,i live with my family..
with my abah..
my mama..
my along..
my baby.
my anis ..
and my imai..

i can say that,i have a very happy family..
we close with each other..
we sharing problems together..
we sharing happiness together..
everything together..

we always eat together..
it is compulsory to eat one whole family together..
dats why,we become so close..

i wish to have my own family(yup,husband and kids)
just like my family..
even though we have lots of problems..
money..absolutely,but we still can be happy..

few years ago,i lived in luxury(luxury for my point of view..hahah)
money was not our problems..
abah owned his own car..
mama too..
along owned her own scooter..
so do i..
we have our own asset..(walaupon all dat things abah yg belikan)
just say what you want..
if it necessary..for your own good..
u will get it..

then,one day,abah had been cheated..
he didnt get his payment for his project..
it cost nearly hundred thousand..
not only that,his worker betray on him..
starting that day,our life changed..

and now,we are like this..
but,its okey..
we are happy..
money are important..admit..
but,if you still having a good family,
money comes second..

and now..
i wish to have a good job later..
good family..
good financial..
so that,
i will make my big family become happy like before..

hopefully this new year give me full of bless by Allah..
bring me to be a good muslim..
bring a lot of happiness and success..
bring only happy moments in my life..
avoid making vices..
avoid being treason..
avoid all bad things.
and lastly..
hopefully my family will remain happy ever after...