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i try..
Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 0 black mail

its amazing when seeing other girls wearing high heels..
its more amazing when see then can walk nicely,and sometimes can run a little bit..
they look very comfortable..

but,i dunno why..
i love to see my friens wearing it..
but.i dont like it..for myself i mean.
maybe because im a fat girl.
but,i can see other fat girl using high heels too..
and its really look nice..

wedges is okey for me..
but not that really little tiny heels..
its bad rite..huhu

last hari raya,en shah had bought me my first high heels..
its nice..greeny..
my friends said it nice too(i think they honest)
but honestly,i just use it twice..
first when SHR Club open fasting..
and the second time was when 1st raya my family go to take picture at studio..
and after that,the heels only stay ncely in its own box..

hum..i dont like to makeup..
i dunno why..
i didnt know how to use blusher..
how to use eye shadow..
how to use lipstick..
if i wanna go somewhere,i only using my compact powder and my lipbalm..
and this few month,im trying to use eyeliner..
thats it..
just that..
i love when seeing other lady makeup their self and look pretty..

im promise..
when my diet program going to be succesful,
i will try to do all this thing and being really lady like..
i try..