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what the feeling..haish.
Thursday, November 4, 2010 | 0 black mail

when looking at any photos of sum1 that have special bond with me long time ago..the memory juz like easily flying back hit into my mind..when seeing them happy with their new partner,the memory that lost between us before,keep appear..

i noe,im kind of easy to be fallin in love..very..ya..i admit..n dats why,i have quite big number of ex..what a shame!!im not matured enough to think about real love before..n now??what a very embarrassing when they juz like making a club come to my house for any occasion..if i can reverse the time..i would like to be a girl that have only 1 guy in my life for the whole rest of my entire life..but,what can i do..

i dunno..why i have this weird feeling..why i should experiencing all this situation..i hate when flash back my old time..playing with others feeling..n sumtimes they playing with my feeling..what an idiot!!

n now..i wish to have only one guy in my life..n i hope he be the last guy of my life..now..n forever..