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Thursday, November 4, 2010 | 0 black mail

ya..no one noes me more than me n my family..every single tiny thing,only me n myself noe it..
i dunno wat people say bout me when they see me..i dunno what category i will be categorized in..im not the person hat which can be understand juz by see my face..im kinda not so frenly for sumone i did not recognize well..but im very frenly when we noe each other well..but doesnt u feel person that not so easy to be understand r unique??hehe..happy to wondering..

i dunno..but i realize it..between all my sisters..im quite different..odd..dunno why..no one have the answers..including my parents..or,maybe,for 2nd daughter in family always having this 'different' things..

without realizing,im the only girl in my siblings having different type of name..aainaa syazwani..aiffa syafira..anis syafiqah..and suddenly im nurul ezzatie..huhu..then,im also the only girl in my family born out of perak..i am johorian..n im also the only person wearing spec..not only that,im also the only daughter that active in sport..but the very obvious thing,im the only fat girl in my family..what the..

but its ok then..that make me look special..