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Hepy besday sweetheart!
Thursday, July 22, 2010 | 2 black mail

tanggal 23/07/2010...
harini besday bf aku...nama dia Mohd Shah..
umur dia arini,genap 26 taun..
dia org Melaka..tapi skung keje dekat selangor..
dia keje as mechanical engineer kat sunway pyramid..we've been 2gether juz about 9 months..
baru lagi..huhu
walaupon dia tak sekacak ashton kutcher...
tak setinggi hritik rosyan...
tapi,bg aku,dia dah cukup sempurna..
hum.honestly,he is not the romantic type person..
tapi,walaupon dia tak romantic,i noe he loves me so much..
he accept me as i am..
im a sleepy head girl...always headache...difficult to make decesion about what 2 eat when going dinner..im not fashionable lady...fat..hahaha...
but,he juz accept dat..
he call me 'adik'..eventhough maybe it is not sweet like using 'sayang','mama','honey' or wateva...
but,im happy when he called me..
we rarely fight with each other...because we dont like it...
sumtimes,we juz let the problems solve by itself..
i love him so much..
he take care of me..my health..my study..my finance...everything..
if he thinks dat he able to help me,he will help...
sending me back to my kampung at teluk intan...buying for me books dat i need..giving me some money for my things...accompany me when i want to open fasting...he will be anywhere and anytime that i needed..
n suprisingly,he said,if my paents agree,he want to enganged with me next year...
what a suprise...but everything depend on my family..
erm..i bought for him a little present..
n really hope dat he likes it..